Thursday 25 July

14.00 - 20.00
Welcome office opening hours
race-bibs distribution
Race presentation

Friday 26 July

05.00 - 05:45
Last chance to collect race-bibs
Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race

Saturday 27 July

estimated arrival of the first competitors

Sunday 28 July

Award Ceremony
Arrival last competitor


Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race is a 173 km-long running competition with about 12 000 meters of elevation gain, which must be completed semi-autonomously. The race is organized by Cervino Sport Events SSD and CSAIn Valle d’Aosta, in collaboration with the municipality of Valtournenche, Soccorso Alpino (SAR) and Società Guide del Cervino. The competition will start Friday, 26 July 2024, at 06:00 a.m. from Breuil Cervinia Valtournenche (AO). The time limit to complete the race is 62 hours (Sunday, 28 July 2024 at 8:00 p.m.). CMUR is scheduled in the ITRA international Calendar (International Trail Running Association), as well as in the national CSAIn calendar and in the CONI official “competitions of national interest” calendar.

The route of Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race is considered EE (CAI classification), routes for expert hikers, and winds through trails, hiking routes and muletracks; it goes through two glaciers (Arolla and Plateau Rosa) and occasionally transits on challenging and/or exposed terrains. Participation is reserved to athletes who can prove their experience in long distance competition and in being able to autonomously handle, without external help, whatever issue may be caused by this particular sport (night march, eventual harsh weather conditions, physical and mental exhaustion, injuries..).
All Competitors will have to scrupulously respect the signposted race route. Leaving the officially marked path will result in a disqualification, and it will be at the athlete’s own risk.
The entire route will be signposted with way-marker flags which are in part fitted with white reflective material for better sighting at night. No paint marking will be used in order to respect the environment
Bandierine segnavia Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race


A “broom service” will be present, and will be following the route behind the last competitor so as to provide support to those who withdraw and help eventual injured athletes.


There will be this time gates:

- Prarayer Hut (21 km) Friday, 12:30 p.m.

- Villa - Restaurant Col de Torrent (53 km) Friday, 21:00 a.m.

- Zinal (72 km) Saturday, 05:00 a.m.

- Sankt Niklaus (112 km) Saturday, 20:00 p.m.

- Zermatt (148 km) Sunday, 11:00 a.m.

Cervinia (172 km) Sunday 20:00 p.m.


Time gates will be placed at the aid stations entrance. Competitors who will reach them outside the maximum allowed time will be stopped and will not be able to continue the race.

The medical staff can prevent participants from continuing the competition if severe psycho-physical damages are observed, as not to cause further damage. Competitors are expected to follow instructions.

Participants who withdraw from the race will have to do so at checkpoints and will be escorted at the finish line by bus and/or cableway installations. For logistical reasons, athletes may have to remain at the checkpoint for a short period of time. When withdrawing, competitors will have to immediately inform the organisers by sending an SMS to the number printed on the race-bib. In case of withdrawal outside the checkpoints, the trip back to Breuil Cervinia will have to be arranged autonomously.


The race has to be conducted in semi-autonomy and participants must carry with themselves a supply of at least 1 liter of water. Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be self-sufficient between two aid stations in terms of food, water, clothing and security equipment. At aid stations, where only competitors will be allowed, food and drinks supplies considered proper to maintain a healthy diet by the organisers will be available. As disposable cups will not be used, participants are expected to bring a personal one. Special dietary requirements and/or allergies will have to be handled autonomously.


There will be 15 aid stations:

- Rifugio Perucca Vuillermoz (15° km)
- Rifugio Prarayer (21° km)
- Rifugio Nacamuli (27° km)
- Arolla - Hotel Aiguille de la Tza (41° km)
- Villa - Restaurant Col de Torrent (53° km)
- Lac de Moiry - Gite Clems & Fabs (64° km)
- Zinal (74° km)
- Saint Luc – Hotel Weisshorn (85° km)
- Gruben – Hotel Schwarzhorn (96° km)
- St. Niklaus – BASE VITA (113° km)
- Rifugio Europahutte (130° km)
- Taschalp (138° km)
- Zermatt (149° km)
- Trockner Steg (158° km)
- Rifuglio Teodulo (162° km)


Athletes must respect the environment and deposit trash/rubbish in the dedicated bins.

Any food bought outside the aid stations will be at personal expense.

Upon arrival, a hot meal, in compliance with the current sanitary regulations, will be provided to every competitor.


Competitors must register themselves whenever they reach an aid station, and in Zinal and St. Niklaus when leaving as well. Failing to do so will result in disqualification. The organization might establish new checkpoints not previously planned. Spot checks will be carried out to verify if the mandatory equipment is possessed and whoever refuses can face disqualification.


Soccorso Alpino (SAR) staff will be present through the route, along with staff from the organisation, who will be in direct communication with the base. Ambulances and medical and paramedical staff will be stationed on the path as well as at the start and finishing line.


Personal assistance is allowed only in the designated areas preceding the aid stations. Access to the areas is granted to only one assistant per competitor, and exclusively during the athlete’s passage. It is forbidden for people not participating in the race to accompany competitors.


The requirement to participate is to have reached the age of 20 and to possess the competitive fitness certificate for aerobic disciplines, issued by a sports medicine doctor and recognized in one's country of residence, valid for the entire duration of the race. Registration can only be done online from 8:00 am on December 8, 2023, until 12:00 am on June 30, 2024, or until reaching 350 participants (the order of registration will be decisive). A waiting list will also be prepared based on the order of registration (in case of overbooking). Registration will be considered valid only if payment is complete.



Participation fee is €340 until March 1, and €380 from March 2 until registration closes.

NEW FOR 2024


The participation fee for a team of 2 competitors is €280 for registration up until March 1 and €380 from March 2 until registration closes. 1st competitor: Breuil Cervinia – Zinal (74 km - 5,005 m elevation gain) 2nd competitor: Zinal - Breuil Cervinia (99 km - 6,545 m elevation gain)

Tracé 1er participant : Breuil Cervinia – Zinal (74 km – 5 005 m dénivelé+)
Tracé 2e participant : Zinal - Breuil Cervinia (99 km - 6 545 m dénivelé+)

The registration fee includes transportation with a private bus from Breuil Cervinia to Zinal for the second team member and the return from Zinal to Breuil Cervinia for the first team member.

Registration procedures and the submission of the medical certificate will be communicated later on the race website.


Entry fee is offered to men who reached more than 820 ITRA, 720 points for women, in 2023.

To register, send an email with your details to info@cervinosportevents.it

At the starting line, elite athletes are invited to take the lead of the group by positioning themselves at the front respecting their race-bib number.

All elite runners agree to:

  • Attending press conferences and official ceremonies to which they are invited;
  • Being present at the award ceremony if they are recipients of first place;/li>
  • Being present at the starting line at least twenty minutes before the start


Amounts are gross of statutory taxes 

1° prize

€ 2500

2° prize

€ 2000

3° prize

€ 1500

4° prize

€ 1000

5° prize

€ 800

6° prize

€ 400

7° prize

non-monetary prizes

8° prize

non-monetary prizes

9° prize

non-monetary prizes

10° prize

non-monetary prizes


Amounts are gross of statutory taxes 

1° team

non-monetary prizes

2° team

non-monetary prizes

3° team

non-monetary prizes

4° team

non-monetary prizes

5° team

non-monetary prizes



Competitors will be notified of eventual changes to the current regulations up to 1 month prior.


Race-bibs and packs distribution will be carried out at Cervinia Thursday 25/07/ 2023 from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and at the starting area on Friday 26/07/2024 from 5:00 a.m. to 5:45 a.m.
Race-bibs are handed over to each runner upon presentation of a valid ID or with a written declaration of delegation to be presented if the pack is collected by another person.


When collecting race-bibs, participants will be given two bags, one green and one blue, that can be filled with items of choice, clothing, and other supplies, that will be brought to the life bases in Zinal (74° km – green bag) and in St. Niklaus (113° km – blue bag). Bags will have to be handed over during the Welcome Office opening hours, same timeslot as bib distributions. At the end of the race, the bags will be brought back to Breuil Cervinia and will be available for pickups by showing the race-bib, until and not after Sunday, July 28, 2024, at 8 p.m. No valuable items should be put inside the bags. Organizers are not responsible for the eventual theft, loss or damage of the bags and their content. The organization does not under any circumstance mail back abandoned or forgotten bags.


When registering, competitors authorize the organisers to use their image while participating in the Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race. Any picture taken during the event may be used by the organization at will.


Registering for the competition implies full acceptance of this Regulation, including eventual modifications.


It is highly recommended to have insurance which covers the cost of search, rescue and evacuation in Italy and Switzerland.

Members of the ITRA (International Trail Running Association) may subscribe to an Assistance – Repatriation insurance which covers the cost of search and rescue world-wide (itra.run/Runners/AboutInsurance).

Every participant will receive a CSAIN card which includes a basic annual insurance (www.csain.it/assicurazione/reale-mutua/).


In case of cancellation of the race due to force majeure, up to 15 days before the event, the Organization reserves the right to refund a percentage equal to 80% of the registration fee paid or the athlete may choose to keep his registration valid until two editions following the cancelled one, by making a specific request to the Organization. In case of interruption or cancellation of the race due to weather reasons, or due to any other reason, independent of the Organization, no refund will be due to participants. If a registered competitor has to drop out of the race, there is no refund of the fee paid except in case of injury or illness properly certified by a doctor and communicated in writing by email (info@cervinosportevents.it) to the organization by June 15, 2024. In the latter case, the athlete will be able to choose between a 50% refund of the fee paid or the possibility of keeping the registration valid only for the next edition (with this choice he/she will no longer be entitled to any kind of refund).

Competitors must carry the mandatory equipment with them at all times through the duration of the race.



  • ID – passport/ID card.
  • Survival blanket.
  • Jacket with hood for bad weather + waterproof layer OR long sleeved layer + pile/clothing suitable for bad weather + waterproof layer (one of the layers MUST have a waterproof hood).
  • Second layer top with long sleeves.
  • Long-legged trousers or race leggings OR a combination of leggings and socks to cover the legs completely.
  • Warm gloves and hat.
  • 2 working torches with spare cells/batteries for each torch.
  • Mobile phone (smartphone strongly recommended): mobile phone with international roaming allowing for its use in both countries (load into its memory the organization's security numbers, personal number must not be masked and and the battery must be fully charged before leaving). Competitors must keep their mobile phone turned on before, during and after the competition.
  • Running pack to carry mandatory gear throughout the race.
  • Minimum water supply: 1 liter + personal cup to be used at aid stations.
  • Appropriate trail-running shoes.
  • Crampons with elastic and with at least 12 metal points.
  • Track in gpx format of the route (downloadable from the map and profile page) uploaded either to watch or cell phone on which the OutDoorActive application is installed



  • Money (huts and bars are present along the route).
  • Waterproof overpants.
  • First Aid Kit (band-aid, patches, Self-adhering elastic bandage).
  • Powerbank (external battery).
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Neckwarmer or bandana.

Decisions will be taken at sole discretion of the organizers, who can decide whether to disqualify competitors for the following reason:

  • unsportsmanlike conduct, lack of respect for other athletes/staff members/volunteers.
  • actions deemed as dangerous for the wellbeing of others and/or the successful completion of the event.
  • Fail to pass through or skip a checkpoint.
  • Short-cutting or abandoning the route.
  • Discarding rubbish and/or voluntarily damaging the environment.
  • Not assisting a competitor in need.
  • Unauthorized external assistance or assistance outside the designated areas.
  • Use of means of transport during the race.
  • Refusal to have a mandatory equipment check or not carrying the necessary items.



Competitors could be subject to anti-doping controls before, during or after the event. In the case of refusal or abstention, the athlete will be sanctioned as if they were found guilty of doping.



Any complaint must be sent by email (info@cervinosportevents.it) within 24 hours after the end of the event.



The race will have absolute general rankings, split into men and women. Further details for the available awards can be found below. Each athlete who successfully completes the Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race will receive a “FINISHER” prize.

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