173-kilometre Matterhorn Ultra Race cancelled
Problems along the route after the wave of bad weather
Other 3 races confirmed on Saturday, 27 July

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Registration 3rd CMUR edition and NEW: RELAY RACE (2 COMPETITORS)!

Registration for the third edition of the Matterhorn Matterhorn Ultra Race will open at 8.00 a.m. on 8 December 2023 until midnight on 30 June 2024, unless 350 competitors are reached (the order of registration will be decisive). The participation fee is  340 € until 1 March, and 380 € from 2 March until registration closes or upon reaching the maximum number of participants (350 including participants in the relay race).


The participation fee for a team of 2 competitors is €280 for registration up until March 1 and €380 from March 2 until registration closes. 

1st competitor: Breuil Cervinia - Zinal (74 km - 5,005 m dsl+)
2nd competitor: Zinal - Breuil Cervinia ( 99 km - 6545 m dsl+ )

The registration fee includes transportation with a private bus from Breuil Cervinia to Zinal for the second team member and the return from Zinal to Breuil Cervinia for the first team member.

A unique trail around the most beautiful mountain in the Alps! John Ruskin

Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Trail

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On line i tracciati per CMUR 16, CMUR 28 e CMUR 55

On line i tracciati per CMUR 16, CMUR 28 e CMUR 55

Inserito il: 11/07/2024

Sono on line i tracciati ed i relativi file gpx delle tre gare CMUR edizione 2024, modificati per via della alluvione del 30 giugno.

Per visualizzare i percorsi consultare le pagine della CMUR 16 K, CMUR 28 K e CMUR 55 K.


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Grivel partneship

Grivel partneship

Inserito il: 10/07/2024

La Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race ha un nuovo partner: il noto marchio tecnico valdostano Grivel, che dal 1818 produce attrezzatura da montagna,

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Cancellation CMUR 173 K and confirmation of the other three distances.

Cancellation CMUR 173 K and confirmation of the other three distances.

Inserito il: 08/07/2024

The recent flooding which hit Breuil-Cervinia in particular, without even sparing the Swiss border area and more generally the trails we use, is forcing us to cancel the 173-kilometre Cervino
Matterhorn Ultra Race.

It is a hard and difficult decision for us, which we take reluctantly, but with…

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Post-race recovery with cold immersion

Post-race recovery with cold immersion

Inserito il: 17/06/2024

All those registered for the Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race, in collaboration with Phoenix Recovery Club , will be offered the chance to try out an innovative recovery method based on cold therapy, often practised in the form of ice baths, cold showers or cold water baths,…

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Birra Leoni!

Birra Leoni!

Inserito il: 15/06/2024

A tutti gli iscritti alle gare del CMUR 2024 verrà offerto un bicchiere da 0,3 l di birra Leoni.

L'agri birrificio Leoni è una realtà valdostana nuova e dinamica: racconta lo stretto legame con il territorio e il carattere artigianale che lo contraddistinguono. Ma cosa significa…

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Video trail 2022

The start/arrival point


The Cervino Matterhorn Ultra Race route follows broadly that of the Tour del Cervino, a trail that all the top trekkers dream to follow at least once in their life, for its outstanding panoramas, and which succession of passes and valleys will leave the trailer with the deep and lasting impression of being alone at the heart of the mountains. The ring-shaped route surrounds the Matterhorn, clockwise : starting from Cervinia, the trailers will discover first the Italian valleys, then the ones along the Swiss flank of the mountain.
This is a complex route, over highly technical terrain, in conditions that can sometimes turn out to be very difficult. The average altitude is 2380 m and the route includes no less then seven passes over 2800 m high, three of which are above 3000 m. The route will lead the runners through nearly all types of mountain terrains: mule tracks, paths, rocky track, via ferrata and glacier. An excellent preparation, under all points of view, is required from whoever wishes to take part: you’ll need to be at the top as far as equipment, clothing, food supplies and, of course, physical condition are concerned. But with its outstanding landscapes, the route will offer you ample reward, as well as unforgettable moments and emotions!

Starting from Breuil-Cervinia, in direction of the Matterhorn, the route follows the "Matterhorn balcony", a particularly panoramic false flat path along the Grandes Murailles mountain range, crossing several moraines and torrents, before reaching the Fenêtre de Cignana pass. Then it takes the trailer down to the mountain pasture below, from where you can admire the Cignana artificial lake, before climbing up to the Perucca-Vuillermoz refuge.
A short, steep and technical climb leads to the Valcornière pass (3066 m): rod steps and chains help to cross safely the most difficult stages. After a steep passage downwards on a landslide, the route crosses a rough rocky strip. After reaching the scree, cairns mark the route. Here too, chains have been fixed to make climbing down easier and safe. The steep slope becomes more gentle when the trailer reaches the small torrent running down the valley. Following its right bank, along path n. 12, you reach the Place Moulin dam, on the territory of Bionaz. At the very extremity of the lake, on a small promontory, you can see the Prarayer refuge: built at the end of the 20th century as a hotel ad abandoned after WW2, it is now fully restored.

Lago di Prarayer

Going towards the valley, over the nearly flat dirt road that runs at half-coast along the lake, the route takes, on the right-hand side, the path that leads to the mountain pasture of Oren. It goes by it, then through some blocks of rocks and screes, before reaching the small valley of the Collon pass and up to the Collon-Nacamuli refuge, that belongs to the Italian Alpine Club-C.A.I. (2830 m high). From the refuge, you reach the Collon pass, that leads to the Swiss valley of Arolla through the glacier of the same name, that you won’t be able to see before crossing the small valley of the pass and reaching the "real" Collon pass, which remains hidden throughout the climb from the refuge. As the picture shows, the glacier that used to spread much further has now left behind an imposing stretch of stones, a sad testimony of its slow but inexorable withdrawal, due to the climate change.
The route now crosses the torrent and some moraines to start climbing, from a height of 2089 m. From there, it follows the path heading for Arolla, before branching on to another path, leading downwards to Les Haudères. The track climbing to the Torrent pass leads to an exceptional postcard-like site, where the landscape reveals several small high altitude lakes, the realm of marmots and of the unavoidable cows grazing the mountain pastures, with a splendid view on the peaks of Pigne d’Arolla and Visivi. From there, it climbs (800 m d+) to the Sorebois pass, that can be reached by cable car. The view from there stretches on an outstanding panorama.
After crossing the high mountain pastures of Nava and La Barneuza, a forest crossed by large paths at 2424 m above sea level, the trailer gets a clear view of the mountain range known as the "imperial crown", behind which, for the first time, you can see the Matterhorn again. Following the signs painted on stones – a yellow « Z » – in the direction of Alpe Chiesso, you reach the route of the Sierre-Zinal race, and then the Weisshorn hotel, where you can take a break and taste a well-deserved Siervoise, a typical flavoured beer. From there, a carefully signed path leads to the Meid pass, from which the view can take in all the highest peaks of Switzerland, a unique sight. Then the route goes down again towards Oberems, and the Schwarzhorn hotel. The path starts to climb again to reach the Augstbord pass. There, you will definitely feel you enter a new dimension. No more green pastures or forests as on the western side of the mountain: they seem to have disappeared, leaving place to a moony landscape of rocks that stretches on for kilometres. This may be the toughest part of the trail, but it’s also probably the one that will most remain printed in the memories: this thirty km-long stretch of rocks of all shapes and sizes, to cross under the frozen look of an endless range of over-3000 m-high peaks, with tongue-twisting names, standing like motionless sentries...


Descending on the valley floor you reach Jungen and St. Niklaus.
After crossing the village go up on the other side and continue halfway up to the Europahütte hut and then, and quickly reaches the Charles Kuonen Hängebrücke, the longest suspended pedestrian bridge in the world. Inaugurated in 2017, it is 494 m long and crossing the precipice will speed up anybody’s pulse!

ponte sospeso pedonale più lungo al mondo, il Charles Kuonen Hängebrücke

For 21 km, the route now follows a quite panoramic half-coast path, that leads to Zermatt (1600 m), and then follows the Bahnhofstrasse, its main street, with its lively boutiques, hotels and restaurants. Leaving this delightful Swiss city, at the foot of the Matterhorn, the last climb begins towards the Plateau Rosa glacier, to reach Trockner Steg first, the cable car bottom station, then the Theodule pass (3317 m) and the Theodule refuge. Time to give a last glance from high up at the Matterhorn! From there, after crossing the glacier, the route goes down on the Cervinia ski slopes and hardly any problem can be expected from then on, even in difficult conditions.


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